Beginner Learn-to-Dive lessons are one hour, once a week and run from 8 - 12 weeks depending on pool availability.  We strive to meet each diver where they are at and the coaches will teach accordingly.  Group lessons are typically limited to approximately 7 participants to ensure the instructors have adequate time with all divers.  


This program teaches the basic skills of diving in a fun oriented manner. Once these basic skills are initiated, diving can be one of the most fun and safe activities a child or adult can take part in. It is a true Sport for Life.


Most enter Learn-to-Dive between the ages of 5 and 15. If 16 & over, you can inquire about Adult Classes.


Children under 5 will be given consideration after an assessment by the Head Coach. This will include swimming ability, attention span and other general skills.

Each class is 1 hour in length.


This program is a progression from Learn-to-Dive aimed to provide further acquisition of basic diving skills. Divers will continue to improve the skills they already possess and add new skills to their repertoire.

The pace of learning happens according to the needs and abilities of each individual child.

Each class is 2 hours in length.