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(Click on the timeline below and scroll through the many years of Saskatoon Diving.)

Chronology of Saskatoon Diving

Saskatoon Diving Club History...

Club Names Over The Years...

  • Saskatoon Swimming Club

  • Saskatoon Optimist Swimming and Diving Club

  • Saskatoon Goldfins Diving Club

  • POW City Kinsmen Diving Club

Diving Coaches Over The Years...

  • Norm Jones — Coached diving in Saskatoon Swimming Club for 20 years; four of his divers won Canadian titles

  • Audrey Jones  — Maiden name Pophham; later Audrey Turner

  • Harry Bailey — Known for swimming, organized diving and swimming aquacades in Saskatchewan to promote the sports

  • Steve Dunn

  • Ross Hetherington

  • Lawrence Smuk

  • Tony Schidlo

  • Beth Adamson

  • Mike Boyd

  • Kathy Rollo 

  • Kathy McDonald

  • Mike Mourant

  • Jill Oughtred

  • Phil Rispin

  • Lorn Wionzek

  • Steve and Mary Carroll

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