Bingos on hold due to COVID
Evening Shift - 4:45pm to 9:45pm
Night Shift - 8:45pm to 1:00am
  • Each family can sign up for 2 people to work bingo, up to and including 2 weeks prior to bingo date. Once 2 week deadline is reached, anyone wanting more than 2 will be given the opportunity to do so before hiring out.

  • Priority will be given to those requesting double shifts.

  • Families wanting to do extra bingos upon completing club ones will be able to do so if spots are available.

  • Single early and double bingo workers need to arrive by 4:45pm; and single late workers need to arrive by 8:45pm.


City Centre Bingo is located at 310 22nd Street West. 

Bingo Coordinator position OPEN! -
contact Dive President Claire or
Lori if interested

Email to Sign Up

Bingo Requirements:

LTD: none

Pre-comp: 1 bingo/session/class

Competitive bingos/year:

Jr Novice: 4 bingos

Sr Novice: 6 bingos

Pre-Nat: 6 bingos

JD1: 2 bingos

JD2: 4 bingos

JD3: 6 bingos

CF: 6 bingos

CE: 8 bingos