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Steve Carroll - Head Coach

'My philosophy as a coach is developing the entire person, aiming to excel in sports by developing the athlete mentally, physically, and technically, with skills that will help them in and out of the pool for the duration of their lives.  I believe in good, honest, hard work.  I do not believe in short cuts.  The higher level of goals that an athlete has, the greater level of intensity, the greater the discipline, and the greater amount of highs and lows the athlete will experience and learn to cope with. I strive to give athletes tools in managing their high and low levels of emotion, while maintaining a great passion for the sport.   I am in pursuit of excellence by utilizing Long Term Athlete Development Models -­ personal and athletic skills developed in the proper windows of opportunity. I believe this enables the greatest potential for success in diving and in life after diving.' -Steve Carroll​


Steve has been coaching since 1986.  He was the National Team Coach from '93-'95, coached Jason Napper to a Gold and a Bronze Medal at the '94 Commonwealth Games, and coached Mary DePiero to a Commonwealth Games Bronze. As Assistant Coach in Thunder Bay from ’88-’93, the team held the Junior National Team Title in 1991, and the Senior National Team Title in 1992.  As a diver, Steve attained a Gold Medal at the 1985 Canada Summer Games.  As Head Coach of the Newfoundland & Labrador Diving Team at the 2001 Canada Games, his diver Adam Morgan attained 2 Silver and a Gold Medal. He started as Head Coach of the Saskatoon Diving Club in January, 2007. Since then the Team has had 5 consecutive top 10 finishes as a Team at Junior Nationals. Saskatoon diver Sam Valentine finished 8th in the World after a double Gold Medal performance at Junior Nationals, and a Gold Medal performance in the Amsterdam Invitational with the National Team. Jayden Pantel made the 2011 National Team with a Silver & Bronze medal performance, earning him the right to travel to the Pan Am Jr Championships in Columbia, where he finished 7th on 10m. Jayden attained Bronze at the 2014 Nationals.


Mary Carroll - Assistant Coach

Mary was a 14-time National Champion at the Canadian Senior National Championships between 1988 & 1994. Mary competed at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona and finished in 8th place.  Mary was a Gold and Bronze medalist in the 1990 & 1994 Commonwealth Games. She began her coaching career in 1994 and instantly produced several National Champions and medalists at the Junior level. Mary was the Diving Commentator with CBC television from 2000-2006, taking on several World Championships and 2 Olympics of diving coverage with Steve Armitage.  Mary has worked with the young divers in our program for several years, divers which are now beginning to compete in the C & D divisions. In 2012, her diver Rylan Wiens broke a Canadian record in the platform event. In 2013, Rylan beat his old Platform Canadian record, and attained a 2nd record on 3m. He also took Gold on the 1 meter. In 2014, Rylan attained Gold at Nationals, Bjorn Markentin a Gold & Silver, and many other top 10 finishes with her group.

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