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Mark and Jody Cey are the proud parents of three fantastic kids who have grown up and excelled in the aquatic arena of springboard and platform diving.  This is their story.


Proverbial Big Brother

Jonah Cey has been a true mentor for his twin sisters, Alison and Lauren.  Jonah, somewhat of a renaissance man, is very intelligent, is an incredible piano player, and, an accomplished diver.  As a diver with the Saskatoon Diving Club, Jonah has proven himself a quality leader.  His work ethic is a wonderful  example for so many younger divers.  While dedicating vast amounts of time and energy to the sport of diving, Jonah has instilled in his younger sisters an attitude of excellence in all that they do.  He is currently a senior college diver with the Penn State Littany Lions.


Diving for Gold...

Alison Cey

Alison first started diving when she was five years old mainly because she wanted to follow in her older brothers’ footsteps.  She quickly fell in love with the sport because of the challenge and adrenaline that came with it.  Ali competed in diving for 13 years qualifying for numerous National Championships.  She was especially proud of he accomplishments in the 2022 Canada games in Niagara,  where she finaled in both the 1 metre and 3 metre boards. By far her favorite board was the 3 meter and her best dives were anything inward or with a twist. 

Ali gets the final word:
Diving has given me so many special memories, like when we traveled to Cuba for international training camps. It really showed me that diving is so much more than a sport, it’s like a family. I am grateful for the friends that I have made throughout my career but also to be able to train with the best of the best!

Lauren Cey

Lauren Cey has been diving for thirteen years. She especially loves the adrenaline rush you get when diving and feels most satisfied when you rip an entry. Lauren really enjoys competing in the 7 metre and 10 metre platform events. She has never been afraid of heights and always enjoyed the feeling of flying through the air. Her favourite dives are the back and reverse spinning dives. 

As a Texas Christian University newcomer Lauren led the women’s team earning a zone cut in the 1 metre while competing against Hawaii and Tulane. She scored 275.78 points, good for a fourth-place finish and her first Big 12 Newcomer of the Week Award.

Lauren gets the final word:
I am so grateful for all the opportunities diving has opened up for me. I am currently going to school at TCU on scholarship. So I am able to study biology while still continuing the sport I am passionate about. I also really enjoy traveling and diving has allowed me to explore new places.

Photo Gallery...

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