Communications - Jody Cey

The communications board member is responsible for all communications between the parents/athletes and the Board of Directors.  To update your contact information or for any concerns regarding club communication please contact the Communications Director. 

Registrar - position open!

The Registrar is responsible for registration of all athletes.  If you have questions regarding registering for a new session or current session please read the FAQ.  Any additional questions can be answered by emailing the registrar or communications coordinator.

Member at Large - Kevin Spilchak

The Member at Large is responsible for a variety of tasks on the board as needs arise.

Bingo Coordinator - position open!

Please email SDC President or SDC Bingo Coordinator to inquire about this position.  See Bingo tab for more info.

Merchandise Coordinator - position open!

Merchadise coordinator orders and sells all of the club merchandise.  If you need something, let them know they would be happy to help you.

Payments Coordinator - Paula Kocela

Paula processes all of our sessional fees, monthly fees & meet fees. If you need to talk about payments, send her an email!